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“I have been suffering from arthritis for many years and since taking your yoga classes, my pain has lessened greatly. Thank you for your wonderful classes.”


“I still can’t thank you enough for your help with deep-breathing and post treatment stretching. Even today I could feel the difference between my right and left sides.”


“You have been such a blessing to both Mark and me. Thank you. God Bless.”


” Your class has not only given me inner peace, but a mind set to stay positive during this crazy crisis. You are calming, compassionate and positive. I love that each and every class is different, I feel as though every part of my body is being acknowledged and supported. Options are always given according to your flexibility and range so that I am always making an effort to increase my workout.
So, again, THANKS for making such a crazy time in our world bearable by teaching me how to take care of myself, to stay hopeful and to breathe!


” I honestly think that you are the best of the teachers I have encountered during my 10 years of practicing. First and foremost, I look forward to your gentle and caring ways, setting the tone that brings peace and well-being to the class right from the start. Quotes from yogis bring more meaning to our hour together.”

” The practice moves along gently but purposefully, and your excellent poses help us acquire flexibility, strength, and balance, all according to our individual ability. “

“After the final relaxation together we can begin our day knowing that you have given us the tools to continue with joy.”

“At least I tried to express how I really love our yoga together. You are the best! “


“I know how complicated using technology is and you are doing a courageous job of learning and then presenting lessons smoothly. (No whining, no delays, etc. ) Thanks for all your efforts!”

“For me, your classes are well-paced and do-able. I used to attend an advanced yoga class and the leader encouraged us to, in the future; locate an instructor that matched our age, ability and preferences. Now I am THAT age! and also have arthritis in a knee, so I am learning to be kind to myself with your adaptations.”