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Who are we

Lynn McCarthy Yoga

“Align with Grace”

We each have different abilities, shapes and intentions

and yet, we can comfortably come together to practice.

Through the practice of yoga we find belonging and deep connection, to others and ourself. Yoga teaches us to notice. It allows for a sensitivity to what is serving us and what is not. It is patient. When we forget our practice gently encourages us to remember again and again.

In the garden of grace, awareness and compassion guide us to the place of well being and ease – a place we can call home.


Meet the team


Lynn believes that Yoga is yet another way to serve and that the practice of Yoga opens pathways of personal growth and gratitude that extends well beyond the mat.

Lynn holds a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology, certifications in Strength Training, Personal Training, Cardiac Rehabilitation and Health Coaching as well as completing a yoga certification in the tradition of *Anusara yoga, Chair Yoga, Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy and Reiki. Her love of anatomy will be woven throughout the practice, encouraging awareness and acknowledging sensation. Welcoming whatever arrives. Lynn’s fascination with the science of yoga focuses on pain relief, aging, injury, illness, grief and loneliness and how the precepts of yoga can benefit us all.

For 40+ years, Lynn has enjoyed her work in the field of exercise, health & wellness.

As the cofounder of Angel Charities, she has worked to bring awareness and help to support children with life altering burn injuries, and life threatening illness, and children with cancer through endurance events; AngelRide & AngelSwim which has raised over 6 million dollars.

The work she does now, brings just as much joy.


Grace is the name of our beautiful white lab. That wasn’t her given name when we untied her from a tree at age 18 months, yet it was her name all along. Gracie is loving accepting and inclusive, never judging.

My loving Mother never judged. She was kind, accepting and inclusive. It wasn’t until years later that I really understood her belief that our fate is not entirely in our own hands. Her guiding words, “There but for the grace of God go I” is how this puppy came to be ours, and how she got her name. When we can recognize ourselves in others, compassion grows.

“Opening to Grace” is a term used within my yoga practice. It is a way of leading what we do with an open-hearted attitude of infinite possibility and unconditional support. John O’Donahue said something like, “I find grace to be a fleeting experience which is clear and evident – when something seems to be whispering, ‘notice this.”‘

Grace holds space for all possibilities.