Restorative Yoga
on the water

with Reiki Offering

Restorative sloth.png

No Yoga (or resting) experience required

Sunday, August 29 4:00-6:00
Pre-Register - $20.00
Day of - $25.00

Location: Hamburg Cove @ Reynolds' Subaru

Q: What is Restorative Yoga?

A: Restorative yoga is a restful practice that is all about slowing down and releasing tension through passive stretching.  It is a practice of deep relaxation 

Q: I've never done yoga before. Is this for me?

A: Yes! This is for anyone who is looking for some deep relaxation at a very peaceful and beautiful location.

Q: What will I be doing?

A:  This is a restful practice. All postures are done in a seated or reclining position  With the use of props for support there is a sensation of  effortlessness.

Q:  What should I bring?

A: 2 yoga blocks, 3-5 blankets or large towels, 1-2 bolsters, yoga mat, water, 

Q: What if I don't have any props?

A: That's OK! Bring anything that makes you feel comfy.

Q: I have more questions!

A: Feel free to contact me (below) and read more by clicking here.