Yoga for the Psoas:
Mondays 6:00-7:15PM
Release, lengthen & strengthen

This class is for you if you have:

  •  low back pain

  • upper back pain 

  • shoulders pain 

  • hip or knee pain

  • Sit for long bouts

  • Run, walk and cycle a great deal

  • Feel anxious and worried

This class will guide and teach you  how to release and restore your overall well-being.
The psoas (so-az) not only flexes the hip & stabilizes the spine, it’s the energy center for your lower 3 chakras and SO MUCH MORE.

The classes are sequenced in order to help you gently make contact with this muscle and to gradually release tension. We will explore releasing, strengthening and lengthening this mysterious muscle.

This class is being offered through BlissworksYoga: