The Science of Yoga: 

 The Psoas Workshop

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This class discusses the physiology and biomechanics of the pelvis and hip region, the emotions and spirituality of the psoas (So-as),  and ways to enhance your attention awareness as to activate these muscles that go unnoticed. Together we will awaken those muscles with asana, breath and movement to discover how your psoas informs how you move, breathe and respond and how your habits can impede your journey in realizing optimal health. 

  • Learn how to activate the musculature in and around the belly, low back, hips and pelvis

  • Experience more fluid movement, confidence, balance and strength

  • Identify imbalances, providing modifications

  • Improve posture

  • Awaken your body’s intelligence


This workshop is for anyone seeking to increase body awareness, greater structural integration and balance. This class is a combination of lecture, movement, and discovery. It’s not a grueling workout but rather an exploration and opportunity to learn about your body while moving mindfully in ways to support your uniqueness.